Highlights from Russia 2010

Check the Zman out in Russia clips from First Game vs Neva Lions and National Championship vs Moscow Patriots Ranked 20 in Europe.



How To Close The Gap From Where You Are Right Now To Where You Want To Be Using The Vision Board

If you think about your current situation, then you may realize that there are some things in your life that you would like to improve.
Some people would like a better career, some would like financial security, and others would like children. You may want a whole range of different things. Everyone is individual and unique. Hopes and dreams may be similar to another person’s, but the details differ dramatically. Finding a way that allows you to close the gap from where you are right now to where you want to be, using the vision board, is a simple thing that anyone can achieve.Vision boards are fantastic tools that can help change your life for the better. They allow you to keep your dreams and goals in mind so that you can move forward to bigger and better things. We can make a difference using this board, and making one is simple. There are two types of vision boards. The one you decide to choose and work with is entirely up to you.
A traditional vision board is constructed from clippings of pictures you may have found in magazines or printed from the internet. These pictures represent your dreams and goals. These pictures are then placed in a collage fashioned to a board. You can also add certain colors that take your eye, spray it with scents that invigorate you and include phrases that inspire you. Power words that you associate with your ultimate goal can also be used to empower you in your quest. When your vision board is finished and you are happy with what you have produced, it’s recommended to hang it in a place that you often look, whether that place is at home, at work or somewhere else. Wherever you spend the most time is the best place to hang your vision board. Constant visualization of the dreams and goals placed on this board will ensure you get what you want.
The other type of vision board is made by using a software program on your computer. There are many different types you can choose from, but each of them will help you to close the gap from where you are right now to where you want to be. The concept is the same as the traditional board, but it is all done electronically. With this method you can also add music or sounds that you find will help you to better visualize your goals. You can make copies to carry with you on your cell, PDA, IPOD and all of your computers, so that you are able to utilize any free time. Increasing the amount of time that you see your board and allow it to  empower you is of great benefit.
Now that you know about the different types of vision board you can choose which one you would like to make. You can, of course, choose both and use them at home and on your portable electronic devices to truly optimize your visualization time.

To Learn how to create your own vision board and take the control of your life click on the link below:


The Pomorze Seahawks of Poland sign quarterback Luke Zetazate for 2011 season!

Pomorze Seahawks
The following was a quote from Maciej Cetnerowski
Prezes/Trener of the Pomorze Seahawks. 

“For the 2011 season we were looking for a player, who would give our offense a breath of fresh air. After months of talking to Luke, we decided that he is the man for the job. His college, pro and European experience makes us believe that he can be a great asset as a player as well as a coach. Talks with other coaches and players that have worked with Luke, only confirmed that Luke is a player skilled in the art or football, a fierce competitor, hard worker and above all a great teammate. He is the type of player our organization wants to associate with, and we believe he will fit our “Team – Family” mentality. Luke welcome!”
– Maciej Cetnerowski, Head Coach Pomorze Seahawks Poland

My response

First of all I am flattered and definitely humbled by the kind words from Mr. Cetnerowski. I guess this a testament to my passion and dedication for what I have been doing for the last 10 years. I know I preach to alot of people of who cares what others think but…

“I can live for two months on a good compliment.”
Mark Twain

Stay tuned for the next post. Here is a brief preview of what is to come. Why Poland? Why am still doing this? Also another great surprise !

The Journey

Four year European veteran. I have played for 3 top 20 ranked Teams in EFAF as well as GFL 2. I Have experience as Head Coach, Offensive Co-coordinator for Team Canada football. I have been a Head Coach Offensive Coordinator QB/WR/RB/OL Coach in Europe and High School Level. I also have extensive experience in running American football promotional events, and recruiting athletes. In 2010 I took 2 teams to National Championships.First for the Oslo Vikings in Norway I led the league in Passing TD’s 24 and only 5 INT. Then with the Moscow Red Falcons the team only eixsted 2 months I arrived after game one where the team lost 71-0 after my arrival we then won out and played in the national championship vs the Moscow Patriots winning the silver medal. I have also played football at a the professional level (Arena Football) Bossier City Battlewings, College Level Northland College and Mount Allison university.

Currently Signed with the Pomorze Seahawks for 2011

Pro Experience Playing
2010- Moscow Red Falcons
2010- Oslo Vikings NOAFF QB http://www.oslovikings.com
2009- Alaska Wild IFL PRO INDOOR FOOTBALL QB http://www.goifl.com
2008- Bossier City Battlewings Arena Football League http://www.battlewings.com
2008- Stockholm Mean Machines Swedish Super-series
2007- Winterthur Warriors SAFV
2006- Luebeck Cougars GFL 2

Coaching Experience/Management

2010- Moscow Red Falcons Head Coach/OC QB/WR/OL/RB COACH Director of Player Operations
2010- Basel Gladiators OC
2010- Oslo Vikings u-14 Offensive Co-ordinator
2010- Oslo Vikings Offensive Co-ordinator QB Coach
2010- Oslo Vikings U-16 QB Coach/ Offensive Consultant
2009- Arthur Voaden Secondary School QB Coach
2008- Team Canada Football U21 Head Coach Offensive Co-coordinator QB Coach, Recruiting Co-coordinator.
2007- Winterthur Warriors Junior QB Coach
2006- Luebeck Youth Cougars QB/WR Coach